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Steve Brown with his wife of 15 years, Monique Mathis Brown and their two sons Stephen III., 14 and Mathis, 9.

Twenty years ago, I graduated from college and went directly to the East Wing of The White House. There, I would spend the next 4 months working in President Clinton’s Office of Legislative Affairs to help him advance his Congressional agenda. We assisted President Clinton in passing his historic child care initiative that helped working families pay for child care, doubled funding for Head Start Programs, established a national network of after-school programs and promoted early learning through the Early Learning Opportunities Act. We were committed to improving the lives of working families and giving children the opportunity to live their purpose.

That was our promise.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my professional career to being an advocate for accessible/affordable health care, improving our state’s public health system, promoting multi-modal transportation options and creating the clean energy jobs of the future. I’ve effectively fought funding cuts for Medicaid and CHIP, expanded access to higher education at Texas’ Tier 1 colleges and universities, established the state’s current coordinated stroke care system and helped to grow our region’s passenger rail system. In 2015, I built a successful clean energy development firm that originates utility-scale solar projects and retrofits commercial buildings with solar and energy efficiency improvements.

Donald Trump and his Republican Congress have worked to decimate the progress that we’ve worked so hard to accomplish over the last 20 years. They want to permanently dismantle government to benefit wealthy corporations at the expense of the elderly, poor and working families.

I believe that government works best when it is focused on protecting the most vulnerable and grows our middle class. That means improving the quality of life for all families by making higher education affordable, increasing the minimum wage, providing access to Medicare for everyone, creating high paying “green collar” jobs, ensuring that justice is for all of us, and building the next generation of America’s infrastructure.

For me, that is America’s Promise and the cause for which I have devoted my life’s work.

This Promise has been neglected and dismissed by the current Congress. Now is the time for us to believe in America’s Promise and to elect members to Congress with the skill set to deliver. I commit that if I’m elected to serve you in Congress, together we will create the opportunities you need to fulfill your families’ hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the next twenty years.

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